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I’m not gonna say that everyone has to be in order, and pull of from a book called “A wrinkle in time” where everyone has to be equal, people needs to understand the reality compared to false and “escaping” by using drugs. Many say it’s a getaway from reality, but what if you’re out of the getaway after? You’re back to square 1 I assume? Can you think about what you’re doing and going through? Can you fix up your surrounding than being postponed to what’s going on and you can’t win? There are hard times we try our best and the outcome does not show how it should be done. I think everyone needs to wake up and be alert and play the puzzle game till it’s cracked.
Hans GTL5
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  • 1. Favourite food? Sushi

  • 2. Winter or summer? Winter

  • 3. Favourite flower? Middlemist

  • 4. Last person you texted? Chris Rod.

  • 5. Hair color? Black

  • 6. Favourite animal? Barn Owl

  • 7. Place you would like to live? NYC

  • 8. Favourite band? Rammstein

  • 9. Last thing you ate? Parmesan chicken

  • 10. Favourite game? Ring of Fire (Drinking)

Deep in my heart right now, I want to contribute this to Javi.. Showing respect and making something creative is helping for now.. Everyone still questions and disbelieve in what has happened.. We all have a connection to him, no matter where we are, we all know who he is, how sounds like, how he looks, an how he smiles.. We’ve experienced all that to have ourselves feel touched by Javi.. If we can all turn this back around, the outcome would have changed and let nothing bad ever happen or fall on someone… Javi if you’re around.. Please say something, move freely, breathe… Come back…

You need your friends closer than anything or anyone at all cost.. Today I just found out one has passed away for crashing his rtv.. I sit here heartbroken, having flashbacks rush as fast within seconds when I have herd this news.. I just can’t believe shit like this can happen so soon, death is really desperate to harm everyone of us but mostly him.. I hope he live his life at the fullest, and everyone has been touched by him no matter what.. I just wished it never happened, I wish he could grow old with us.. I wish he can comeback..
Hans GTL5
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