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Experiencing my first car accident was like not surprising, I thought I met what I wanted to see and be spoiled when it crashed, i guess not. Everyone is fine, that’s a relief. But I shouldn’t be fine, we all thought glass went everywhere; but it didn’t, it was a 1/2 a gallon of my jug of water bursting everywhere. It gave a cutthroat from the impact. So I guess there wasn’t any karma, or a reasonable way why death was flirted that way.
Hans GTL5
Here’s a little secret in how you can have a best friend or have a really good friend that you can trust; he/she must have gone thru similar footsteps as you did on their own. Because when you share a story time about yourself, you start thinking the much ironic things that’s coming that person’s mouth is exactly the same that happened to you now or before. Then, it’s either one of you two understand the feeling or know where it was coming from that you get to share it or cooperate with each other, which also means you don’t have to feel bottled up inside when yo have someone that actually knows most of your life which you don’t need to look for help or look for someone else to talk to when some can pretend to be something they’re not.
Hans GTL5
What did I love about you?
I don’t want to be an uneasy poetic cliché at a poetry reading,
but Jesus Christ was there anything I didn’t love about you?
Nothing, I loved..
Absolutely, fucking, everything.
When you first spoke to me-..
Holy, shit.
My heart was racing so fast it felt like my veins were about to burst with blood replaced by ink and script gorgeous poetry right into my bedroom walls.
Breathing was such an unfamiliar practice around you,
and I couldn’t believe you had a name that I had the luxury of rolling off of my tongue, a hand to hold tightly, a heart to hold sweetly,
You had a smile that shined so bright that I was convinced sunrise has been never-ending since we first met.
You had a laugh that pierced every single demon in the heart and blossomed beautiful flowers across my fragile chest.
We intertwined fingers, the world our canvas, every movement painting something unfathomably picturesque.
When you-
When you.. fuck.
When you told me you loved me back,
there was no other soul existing in that moment, your lips curved at the edges and your cheeks blushed rose red.
Every single second in my lifetime could have passed slowly
and I wouldn’t have even noticed, I was so confided in something that just looked past me like I was nothing but a ghost in the snow and my expression of love has been run into the ground.
This is just a three minute heart spill that doesn’t even pierce the surface of what I love about you, you’re gone now,
and I want you back so bad..
Hayden Cooper - “I wrote this for a poetry slam it’s called “What did I love about you?” (via heartrate)
Let’s play my game for the moment; where you’re really picky as hell, is an alcoholic, admire the meaning of music, believe in not failing, love redheads, know how to self control, family filled with women, saving money for no apparent reason, go to college and work, don’t lie, know your friends (who stays and who decides to isolate from), think open minded into solution, be helpful, not cocky, you still don’t know what to do, have at least 3-5 best friends (girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t count), love technology, love learn, love sleeping, love to laugh, love to love, and make people remember your name.
Hans GTL5
I just want to stop thinking and questioning on things that’s not worth figuring out. There should be an exchange punishment when I do act like that, so that way if I do I would be very afraid to be open minded or thinking outside the box. Another reason why I’m sometimes I’m stubborn.
Hans GTL5
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